The Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s and Don’ts of Cooking Chicken


  • Cook Rainbow Chickens portions direct from frozen (according to the cooking instructions) so that you save time and defrosting space.
  • Play with your food – it’s hard to beat chicken as an affordable protein, so try and use it in different forms on your menu and not just in one or two dishes. You can use chicken across the menu as crunchy chicken popcorn, delicate terrine, Southern-style fried buttermilk chicken, or sophisticated sous vide.
  • Experiment with flavours – chicken is a blank canvas for all your creative culinary whims!
  • Try different cuts – chicken breast is a firm favourite amongst diners, but chicken thighs, drums and wings bring their own positives to the party and can be used in different ways.
  • Make sure to always cook your chicken to an internal temperature of 75°C so that it stays nice and moist!


  • Worry about last-minute extra guests at that function you’ve got tonight – you can cook Rainbow Chicken Pieces from frozen, so there’s no need to add extra stress to your prep.
  • Prepare raw chicken on the same work surface as other ingredients, as this might cause cross contamination.
  • Wash raw chicken, as this can cause the spread of bacteria. Any bacteria that’s present will be killed during the cooking process, but washing the raw chicken before can spread bacteria through the water droplets that touch its surface.
  • Overheat your cooking oil before frying chicken, as this might burn the outside while leaving the inside of the chicken raw.
  • Cut the chicken before allowing it to rest for 15 minutes – this will cause the chicken’s juices to run out and leave the meat dry.