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  • Please answer the following questions. We can conduct a bond-preapproval and tax assessment free of cost to assist you in your decision making. Someone from our sales team will be in touch to advise which option may be most suitable for you.
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  • I, the undersigned do hereby consent for Hobbs Sinclair Business Solutions to conduct a tax assessment.

    I, the undersigned do hereby appoint BetterBond and/or Flyt Property Investment (my representative) to be my lawful representative and agent in my name, place and stead, to obtain a copy of my personal credit report (“PCR”) from Registered Credit Bureau (Pty) Ltd, to be used solely for the following purposes – (a) providing me with advice or assistance with managing my credit, by having reference to the content of my PCR; (b) challenging the accuracy of information contained on my PCR; and (c) investigating information held on me by the registered credit bureau.

    I consent to the Registered Credit Bureau releasing a copy of my PCR in PDF or XML format to my Representative and to my Representative having sight of the content of my PCR for the above purpose. Furthermore, I consent to my Representative providing all personal information provided by me to it in relation to accessing my PCR to the registered credit bureau for purposes of updating my credit record.

    My Representative may request my PCR from the registered credit bureau on condition that s/he undertakes: (a) not to store, host, retain, resell, on-sell or make available my PCR to any third party or agent, or use my PCR to compile any other databases; (b) not to amend or add any information on my PCR or deal with my PCR in contravention of any applicable laws; (c) not to use any information contained on my PCR for any other reason, save that set out in clause (a) to (c) above; (d) to destroy my PCR immediately after it has served the purpose for which it was obtained on my behalf; (e) to provide to Registered Credit Bureau with the name of all persons who will have access to my PCR for as long as it’s in my Representative’s possession, before it is destroyed.

    I am aware that I am entitled to one free PCR per year from any registered credit bureau and that I can obtain my free PCR by contacting the credit bureau directly, either telephonically, by way of email, fax or attending on the office of the credit bureau in person. I am aware that I have the right to challenge the accuracy of any information contained on my PCR directly with a credit bureau. Attached is a copy of my ID document. I confirm that the information furnished herein to the registered credit bureau is true and correct.

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