Oude Westhof

Newsletter – August 2020

Safety is Key

Safety is key in Oude Westhof and major upgrades were made to the back fence between Oude Westhof and the surrounding farms and parklands. We are not a gated community, but every effort is made to make our area as safe as possible.

To maintain peak efficiency new energisers were installed to ensure that the electrical voltage in the fence remains at the right level to repel attempts of illegal entry. Extra flashing lights were also installed to make monitoring of the fence easier.

An inverter back-up system was added to ensure the fence stays fully operational during load shedding. The electrical fence switches to battery power during load shedding and is able sustain efficiency even during long and frequent power outages.

As a further security measure, a new maintenance contractor was appointed to perform monthly checks and maintenance on the electrical fence.

Despite all these measures we have to remind you that you as resident play a major role in your own personal safety and security. Be alert, always be aware of the situation around you and keep doors and gates locked. The best alarm system cannot safeguard you when it is not armed.

A wintry Oude Westhof
A wintry Oude Westhof

Small increase in Oude Westhof levies

After two years of no levy increases, we had to implement a 5% rise effective from 1 June 2020.

The monthly levy is increased from R380 to R400 for single erven and from R190 to R200 for units in gated communities.

The levies are mainly utilised for security, but also fund general improvements and maintenance, landscaping and environmental projects.

Trustees for 2019/20

Trustees for our Home Owners Association remains the same as elected on our 2019 AGM and will remain so until such time that meetings are allowed again.

Mr. Ignantius Hagglund was since co-opted to fill the financial portfolio in the place of Mr. Frans Oeschger who sadly passed away at the beginning of this year. The following trustees have committed to stay on in their portfolios: Werner Greeff (chairperson), Lara Pretorius (legal) Emile Terblanche (communications) and Morné Viljoen (security and safety).

We want to encourage residents to please join our board. We need new trustees.

If you believe that you can contribute by becoming a trustee, please contact Anel van Wyk at (021) 943 4340.

Rainbow of hope over Riesling Dam during lock down
Rainbow of hope over Riesling Dam during lock down

Farewell to Frans Oeschger

Frans Oeschger, trustee in charge of our financial portfolio sadly passed away after a short illness earlier this year.

Frans served as a trustee in Oude Westhof for many years and played a big role in keeping the OWMHOA’s financial affairs running smoothly.

Frans, a Chartered Accountant, ran his own accounting firm and gave up a lot of his free time to run Oude Westhof’s financial affairs. He loved the outdoors and his motorbike and will also be remembered as a fast and fearless wing for the Western Province rugby team in the eighties.

Our condolences to his family – Frans will be sincerely missed by all of us.

Mr Frans Oeschger

More cameras to keep our area safe

New LPR cameras that will detect suspicious vehicles even before they reach our area were installed in Van Riebeeckshof Road, says Mr. Morné Viljoen, trustee in charge of safety in Oude Westhof.

Another new development is the installation of a new HIGH SITE (Internet wireless connection point) which will provide a more stable connection for our current CCTV camera’s

The Welgemoed safe control room which monitors Oude Westhof’s security cameras is in the process of a major internal upgrade to further improve efficiency.

A spoonbill - a rare visitor to Riesling Dam
A spoonbill - a rare visitor to Riesling Dam

Development in Gamay Street

Development of the four residential plots in Gamay Street is in full swing.  Earthmoving equipment has moved into level the area and to install infrastructure.

The developers obtained permission from OWMHOA to subdivide the original two plots.  An earlier application to subdivide into 21 units was not granted because of zoning restrictions in the constitution.

Mr Charl du Toit removing live snakes from the building site in Gamay Street. These mole snakes may look dangerous but they are not venomous.
Mr Charl du Toit removing live snakes from the building site in Gamay Street. These mole snakes may look dangerous, but they are not venomous. If you want snakes removed without hurting them you can phone Charl at 082 959 5142.

Donations for the Animals

A very successful Mandela Day Drive was done in Oude Westhof to collect donations for Animal Anti Cruelty League.

Our residents opened their hearts and houses and a large number of items like dog food, blankets and even toys for the animals were handed over to the AACL in Bellville.

Yolanda from the Animal Anti Cruelty League in Bellville receiving donation collected in oude Westhof
Yolanda (right) from the Animal Anti Cruelty League in Bellville receiving donations collected in Oude Westhof.

Oude Westhof re-discovered

The lock down opened many residents’ eyes to the beautiful area we live in.

Closed gyms and the need to exercise forced many residents to start running and walking in our neighbourhood.

Many discovered our well-kept green areas, beautiful walks and cycling paths along our back fence.

Our residents taking to the streets for exercise during lock down
Our residents taking to the streets for exercise during lockdown

Dog-poo problem

Please clean up after your dogs!

While a growing number of dog owners are discovering and enjoying the green areas in Oude Westhof the old dog poo problem is rearing its ugly head again.

Signs to remind are placed in strategic positions.  We need your co-operation in this regard. Please clean up after your dogs and do not expect other people to do it for you.

Mall changes hands

The Van Riebeeckshof Shopping Mall will soon have new owners.

Mr. Deon Scheepers, Property Manager of the Broll Property group, the current owners, says the Mall has been sold in a recent transaction and ownership will change within the next month.

The Noble Property Group are the new owners. He says the planned renovation of the Mall is still in the pipeline, but the new owners might make some adjustments to plans.

Illegal vehicles fined

Two drivers were caught while using their four-wheel drive vehicles illegally in the Nature Conservation area, adjacent to Oude Westhof.

Mr. Werner Greeff, chairman of of OWMHO, said these drivers were caught driving in the no-go zone and were fined on the spot.

He warns that the area bordering Oude Westhof, also known as Upper Magic Forest, is out of bounds for use by recreational vehicles. Only official patrol, maintenance or farm vehicles are allowed. Various measures are in place to detect transgressors who will be heavily fined.

Off-road vehicle caught driving illegally in Upper Magic Forest
Off-road vehicle caught driving illegally in Upper Magic Forest

NPC to care for Riesling Park

The cleaning and maintenance of Riesling Park is now fully in the hands of The Valley NPC. This was previously the responsibility of Oude Westhof. Eden Garden service is contracted by the NPC to fulfill this function.

Rivers of water filling Riesling Dam
Rivers of water filling Riesling Dam

Useful contact information

  • Oude Westhof Homeowners Association 021-943 4340
  • ADT dedicated security vehicle 078 802 2250
  • ADT emergencies 086 12 12 301
  • ADT control room 086 12 12 300
  • Bellville Police 021-918 3000

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